Have I seriously been doing this for over 10 years now?  Seems longer.

Started off in SEO in the good old days where there would be regular Google updates every month and we all had to walk twenty miles, uphill in the snow to work each day.  Link networks were the next big thing, Google had a presence on WebmasterWorld, Threadwatch regularly (and deservedly) bitchslapped the community and the first port of call of any SEO consultant taking on a new client was to check their site for hidden text.  Good times.

And now where are we?  It’s all “top 10 tips to do some pointless shite that you don’t need”, here’s a f*ing infographic and get down on your knees and suck off Google in the hope that He won’t rain fire down upon your already fairly average website – that’s of course you have time in between whoring yourself at daily SEO conferences (which frankly degenerate the industry into something that resembles bastard child of Celebrity Big Brother and the Apple Genius Store) and tweeting OMG OMG OMG SEO ROCK STARS just to see if they know who you are.

Well, somewhere between those two points I seem to have picked up a few bits and pieces about digital marketing that have served me and my clients well over the years – ranging from tiny hobby blogs that are no more than a pimple of the ass cheeks of the Internet, to immense million-page beasts that would probably cause even the most SEO-savvy to scratch their heads and pee in their little panties. Currently working with a nice little agency in Charlotte.  Which is nice.

Why “Marketing Guy”? No real reason – I’m no marketing guru or anything – maybe a better handle on marketing than some tech guys, but even that’s debatable – I was just in a rush to register on WmW back in the day so I picked the first username that came to my mind! It’s kinda stuck now.

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